Like us, you’re probably constantly frustrated by the lack of great quality breads available in the shops. You may be one of the fortunate few and have a good traditional local village bakery, but if not, your choice of great quality bread is likely to be very limited.

Today, everything moves so quickly but great tasting bread cannot be rushed. We do things the old fashioned way just like when breads were delivered by bicycle. At Baker’s Bicycle we employ and train people not robots meaning that our breads have a soul. Each bread is slightly different and we love that.

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Did you know it’s estimated that nearly half of all bread baked in Britain goes to waste? We don’t think that’s sustainable which is why we take a different approach.

We naturally ferment the dough for between 24–48 hours. This creates a flavour and texture that just can’t be matched by fast paced production methods. We then freeze the breads, straight from the oven to lock in the freshness removing any need for artificial preservatives. All you need to do is thaw and adore.


Our skilled bakers combine the finest ingredients and lovingly bake a range of breads and sweet treats to perfection, all for you to enjoy at home.

We are justifiably proud of being the only Red Tractor bakery in the country; we are custodians of this prestigious award because we only use 100% British wheat flour. Also, we like to keep things local so the extra virgin rapeseed oil in our breads is grown, pressed and bottled just five miles from our bakery.


Working in partnership is important for us and you will find our range of breads in selected food emporiums, delicatessens and specialist farm shops. Our breads are available straight from the freezer which brings you convenience, reduces waste and most importantly, great bread.

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